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ए सी जे एम कोर्ट - कैराना की कोर्ट के अधिकारों को लेकर सक्रिय

On 20.09.1991 President of Bar Association Kairana Babu Kaushal Prasad Advocate ji had presented a memorandum on behalf of Bar Association Kairana to the Administrative Judge of High Court Allahabad Hon'ble Justice Shri S.L. Bhatt, On his arrival  in Muzaffarnagar,  in which Babuji expressed his concern about the Court of Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate, Kairana, established from May 15, 1991 in Kairana, that said court not getting the same powers as the court , also said that- 1- The remand of trial cases by the Sessions Court is in Muzaffarnagar, which should now be in Kairana and four police stations of Munsfi Kairana area Tehsil Kairana and Pargana Kandla Tehsil Budhana, Thana Bhawan, Babri, Fugana and Bhourakala are not affiliated to the court of Munsfi Magistrate Kairana till now. The work of planning and hearing the cases of these police stations should be done as it comes under the policy of decentralization of the government.  2- Munsif courts have the jurisdiction to

President - Works for bar association Kairana

Late Babu Kaushal Prasad Advocate ji served the advocate's society through Bar Association Kairana for a very long time. Babuji was the President of Bar Association Kairana for the last time after winning the Bar Association Kairana elections in  2012.  After winning the 2012 elections, Babuji issued a press release explaining his plans for the Bar Association, in which he shared information about the positions through whom he contributed to the Bar Association Kairana from time to time.  Details of Babu Kaushal Prasad Advocate ji working on various posts of Bar Association Kairana as follows -  1 - Registered advocate from Uttar Pradesh Bar Council in 1969.  2- Secretary of Sports and Cultural Affairs in the year 1969-1970 in Kairana Bar Association.  3- Secretary of Bar Association Kairana from 1970 to 1978  4- President of Bar Association continuously from 1978 to 1999  5- After 1999, elected president for 2001, 2004, 2006 and 2012 स्व बाबू कौशल प्रसाद एडवोकेट जी ने बहुत लम्बे स