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Contribution To The World Of Work Part -1

 Babuji had affection like a real brother to the former Judge Late Mr Mahesh Agrawal ji, a native of Kandhla. Mahesh ji's youngest brother  Ex-District Judge Respected Mr. Bharat Bhushan Agrawal ji was  on the post of District Judge, Meerut in 2004. When Babu ji went to Meerut for some work, he reached his residence to meet him. I was with him too. As soon as Bharat Bhushan ji got the information from the orderly ; he immediately came out to meet Babu ji and welcomed Babu ji with a warm embrace. His spontaneity and intimacy had made Babuji and my heart affectionate. The son of the next generation of this family, Mr. Shekhar Agrawal ji [IAS] has brought laurels to the Kandhla region while holding high administrative posts.

पत्र और पत्रोत्तर

पत्र और पत्रोत्तर  1-09.06.1990 बाबूजी का पत्र   Late Babu Kaushal Prasad Advocate ji had very close relations with the influential officials and politicians of his time and he knew how to keep those relations alive, but till date the record is that he never took any personal advantage of any relationship, even That in their papers, we found filled forms for notary advocate, both of his own and his wife Mrs. Bina Kaushik Advocate ji, but neither he could get himself appointed notary nor his wife.  On the appointment of Hon'ble Shri Virendra Verma ji as the Governor of Punjab, he sent warm wishes to him on behalf of the Bar Association as President Bar Association Kairana, as well as on the receipt of the letter sent by Virendra Verma ji in support of the High Court Bench , Babu ji also praised his speech given at Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi on 28 May 1990, but along with all this did not forget to keep in mind the interest of his Bar Association and wrote at the end of the letter

Works for kandhla and digree collage kandhla

1-Babu Kaushal Prasad Advocate ji was not only a great advocate but also a conscious consumer. The work of supplying gas in Kandhla started in the year 1988, before that Mrs. Bina Kaushik, the wife of Babu Kaushal Prasad Advocate, had brought ISI mark stove from her maternal home in Bareilly and the gas cylinder used to come from Meerut. When Super Gas Service started working in Kandhla, he made it a rule that the stove should also be taken from Super Gas Service, then Babuji as Wrote a letter to Mr. Ashok Suri, Deputy Manager, LPG Sales, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, New Delhi dated 02 April 1988  "Regarding the release of LPG connection by Super Gas Service Kandhala (Muzaffarnagar), in which he said - " *- That the following signatory contacted your agent Ratan Singh Nirwal on 25.03.88, then he said that if you have a stove, it will be inspected. *- This is to draw your attention to your letter dated 07.07.1987, through which you have informed Mr. Niranjan Swaroo

लोक अदालत

 On 26.05.1988, President Bar Association Kairana Babu Kaushal Prasad Advocate ji wrote a letter to District Judge Muzaffarnagar regarding Lok Adalat to request him to conduct Lok Adalat in Kairana on July 31, 1988, as well as requested That there should be a system for disposal of civil, criminal, revenue and consolidation cases in the said proposed Lok Adalat.  दिनाँक 26.05.1988 को अध्यक्ष बार एसोसिएशन कैराना बाबू कौशल प्रसाद एडवोकेट जी ने जनपद न्यायाधीश मुजफ्फरनगर को लोक अदालत के सम्बन्ध में पत्र लिखा जिसमें उनसे अनुरोध किया कि 31 जुलाई 1988 को लोक अदालत कैराना में करना उचित समझा जाए, साथ ही यह निवेदन भी किया कि उक्त प्रस्तावित लोक अदालत में दीवानी, फौजदारी, राजस्व व चकबंदी के मुकदमों के निस्तारण की व्यवस्था हो. On 22.07.1991 President of Bar Association Kairana Babu Kaushal Prasad Advocate ji wrote a letter to the Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate, Kairana, regarding the Lok Adalat to be held in Kairana Court, in which Babuji requested him to contact the District Judge of Muzaff

Other works for court

Other works for court    It was not the end of the work after to establish the courts at Kairana. President of Bar Association Kairana Babu Kaushal Prasad Advocate ji had a lot of work for the courts, for the interests of the advocates or litigants. Bringing court is a different task and keeping it running smoothly is a different thing. Babuji fulfilled the responsibility of being President of Bar Association Kairana completely.  The Court of Civil Judge (C.D.) in Kairana was brought by Babuji with his selfless efforts and under his leadership along with the associate members of the organized Bar Association Kairana. On 4 January 1993, the Civil Judge was established in Kairana. Shri Indreesh Goyal ji was appointed in the vacant Civil Judge (C.D.) court from 17th February 1999, but soon the court was running vacant due to his transfer to Bijnor. Due to promotion of Shri VK Tyagi ji to the post of Additional District Judge, Babu Kaushal Prasad Advocate ji wrote a letter on 3rd July 1999

Pics book

कैराना में अदालतों की स्थापना हेतु संघर्ष व सफलता Struggle and success for the establishment of courts in Kairana  कांधला क्षेत्र व राजकीय महिला महाविद्यालय कांधला हेतु सजग प्रयास Conscious efforts for Kandhla area and Government Women's College, Kandhla अधिवक्ता-हित हेतु संघर्ष Struggle for the welfare of the advocates