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नगरपालिका - 15.09.96

WORK FOR MUNICIPAL COUNCIL KANDHLA   Late Babu Kaushal Prasad Advocate ji was the advocate of Municipal Council Kandhla continuously for 27 years and every employee of the municipality still praises the Babu ji's true service spirit to the municipality. Babuji never spared the negligence of any employee in the case of the municipality, who was legal representative (Parokaar) of the municipality in the court and was causing harm to the municipality in cases by knowingly apathy in his work.  Dated 03 June 1996, Babu Kaushal Prasad Advocate ji wrote a letter to the President, Municipal Council, Kandhla and informed citing some cases -  "....... in the above cases, no employee comes to represent on behalf of the municipality Kandhla. Mr.............. describes himself as the legal representative (Parokaar) of the cases. Doesn't appear in court or gives any information even after knowing the date. The role of Shri...… is suspicious in the cases. This may result in loss to the m

नगरपालिका - 24 मई 2000

HONESTLY REPRESENTED AS AN ADVOCATE   The first duty of an advocate is to provide justice to his /her client and the second duty is to be honest towards his/her client. An advocate is appointed to represent the victim in the court because the victim cannot present his case by staying within the ambit of the law and in such a situation, whose case the advocate takes in his/her hands, it is his/her duty to serve his/her client to extend all possible help within the ambit of the law,also, if his/her client commits any mistake, then stop him/her from ever committing such a mistake in future which hinders his judicial interest and Late Babu Kaushal Prasad Advocate Ji also fulfilled his responsibility as an advocate. He never gave a second opportunity to his client to commit any mistake which would hinder his/her judicial interest. This letter written by Babu ji in the name of President, Municipal Council, Kandhla is a sign of his devotion to his duty.  "... on 23.05.2000 in the Court o

मासिक शुल्क वृद्धि हेतु आवेदन - 17.04.99

 मासिक शुल्क वृद्धि हेतु आवेदन - 17.04.99  About Babu Kaushal Prasad Advocate Ji, whole Kandhla and Kairana knows that Babu Ji never gave more importance to money than to performing his duty. Whatever task came before him for discharging this sacred duty of justice, he kept his work above that and in this way he has served the municipality Kandhla for a long time. On the monthly fee of only Rs.250/-, Babuji continued to defend  the cases of the municipality as an advocate , but due to the rising of unexpected inflation in the country and increasing the work of the municipality, Babuji gave an application to increase the monthly fee from Rs 250/ to Rs.1000/- per month on 17 April 1999 because Shamli and Kairana municipalities were also paying a fee of Rs.1000/- per month to their advocates. Considering this, on 26 April 1999, the Chairman/ by executive officer of Municipality Kandhla increased the monthly fee by Rs.250/- to Rs.500/- per month. बाबू कौशल प्रसाद एडवोकेट जी के विषय में पूर

नगरपालिका कांधला - 3 मई 1983

Late Babu Kaushal Prasad Advocate Ji was an advocate of Kandhla Municipal Council for 27 years. In this regard the papers of Babu Kaushal Prasad ji testify to this. This appointment letter dated 03 May 1988 is presented -  "Shri Kaushal Prasad Advocate  Munsif - Kairana Resident - Kandhla Under the order of the officer-in-charge, dated 02 May 1988, till further orders, you have been engaged as a standing council for the goods and criminal cases which are going on or to be filed and pending in the court of Munsif Kairana at Rs.250/- per month.  Therefore, you should start the work from the receipt of the order.  Executive Officer  Municipality, Kandhla स्व बाबू कौशल प्रसाद एडवोकेट जी कांधला नगरपालिका परिषद के 27 साल तक अधिवक्ता रहे. इस सम्बन्ध में  बाबू कौशल प्रसाद जी के काग़ज़ इसकी गवाही देते हैं. दिनाँक 03 मई 1988 का यह नियुक्ति पत्र प्रस्तुत है - " श्री कौशल प्रसाद             एडवोकेट    मुंसिफ - कैराना   निवासी - कांधला                    प्रभारी अधिकारी महोदय के आदेश दिना

Great institutions - 5.5.88

Late Babu Kaushal Prasad Advocate ji had not only the talent of  leadership but also a master of law, Babuji was entrusted with the task of advocating their cases in the court at the very beginning of the legal pratice by eminent institutions . One of those institutions was the "District Legal Aid and Counseling Committee, Muzaffarnagar" by this institution on 05.05.1988, Babu ji was advocate was appointed for the defense in a special case.  " To,  Mr. Kaushal Prasad Sharma, Advocate, Kairana Muzaffarnagar  Sir,  You have been appointed as an advocate in the case of Mr Jagbir Singh, Gold Smith, resident of Kudana, Muzaffarnagar, Civil Case No. 22/87 and Case No. 25/88 as per the orders of Secretary, District Legal Aid and Consultative Committee, Muzaffarnagar.  Therefore, you should take the trouble of defending the cases of Shri Jagbir Singh. , स्व बाबू कौशल प्रसाद एडवोकेट जी न केवल नेतृत्व प्रतिभा के धनी थे अपितु कानून के महारथी भी थे, बाबूजी को बड़ी बड़ी संस्थाओं द्वा